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NEMO Kennislink

The DJ is an Algorithm

The Conversation // Christine Bauer and Andrés Ferraro

Music algorithms unfair to female artists?

Book // Lina Brion, Detlef Diederichsen

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Article // The New York Times

Can Streaming Pay?

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With IMPAKT TV we want to reflect on current social events and debates by broadcasting a monthly online programme with conversations and reflections.  Each IMPAKT TV broadcast focuses on a specific theme, inviting experts and guests to reflect on the topic. We kicked-off on 8 april with a special episode about NFT’s. More subject we will cover in the next episodes include: hysteria, the power of algorithms in music and shaming.


IMPAKT TV’s editorial team consists of Arjon Dunnewind (General Director at IMPAKT), Michelle Franke (head of PR at IMPAKT), Friso Wiersum (European Cultural Foundation, Expodium) and Rosa Wevers (PhD candidate Gender Studies at Utrecht University).

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